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We provide a variety of resources to help all on their mental health journey.
Community Counseling

Community Counseling Fund

The cost of counseling can be a barrier to getting help. We provide six free or equity-based pay sessions with a local mental health provider to any qualified Teton Valley resident.

Resources & Referrals

It can be overwhelming figuring out what you need, navigating the system, and connecting to care. Our Case Manager can help match you with a provider, point you to online resources, and/or design a plan that meets your needs.

school-based counseling

School-Based Counseling

We provide free resources for school children who attend participating Teton County School District 401 schools. For more information, please contact your child’s school counselor.

Trainings & Workshops

We offer a variety of trainings and workshops designed to increase your understanding of mental health topics. From suicide prevention to trauma-informed care, we can tailor trainings to meet your needs.



Is there a mental health issue you need help solving? Do you want to develop strong policies that support the wellness of the people you employ? Want some training or support around a particular issue that’s impacting a family member or cropping up at work? We can design a plan that helps you best support the people you care for.


Supervision & Peer Consultation

We offer free and equity-based pay options to all local mental health providers for peer consultation and supervision.

Check out our quarterly meetings for local mental health providers.

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