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Good mental health is for everyone

We think taking care of your mental health should be something we all take part in every single day. We’re here to make this easier and simpler for you to do.

Our mission

We promote mental wellness in Teton Valley by providing advocacy, education, and connection to resources.

Our History

The Coalition formed in the fall of 2009 following a tragic cluster suicide event that claimed the lives of 19 people. At that time, local mental health professionals and other service providers came together once a month to share resources, discuss trends in mental health, and design programs to meet the needs of our community so no one would have to suffer such a tragedy again.

In 2012, we became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in order to expand our offerings, be more inclusive, and better meet Teton Valley’s needs. We are a diverse group of dedicated community members who share a common passion for enhancing mental wellness in Teton Valley. We are committed to providing our community with the skills, resources, and tools we all need to thrive.

Our Staff

Sara McKeown White, LCPC
Executive Director
Faith Dixon
Operations & Programs Manager
Madison Kwasny
Client Services Coordinator

Our Board

Maureen Lang
Daniel Neese
Anna Gunderson
Kate Sabo
Allison Michalski
76 N Main Street, Suite 206, Driggs, ID 83422
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