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We know fit is important.

That's why we maintain close relationships with local mental health clinicians. So whether you want to apply for our free Community Counseling Fund, reach out to a counselor on your own, or get help connecting to care, we've got you covered.

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Jennifer Carter, LCPC
Derek Cragun, LCSW
Cress Creek Counseling – multiple counselors
Candace Dayton, LCSW
Jeff Decker, LCPC
Charlotte DiPrisco, LCPC
Heather Franklin, MSW, LCSW
Lisa Grutzmacher, LCPC
Amy Herzog, LCSW
Rachel Mackey, LPC
Jennifer McCrillis, LCSW
Lou Parri, LCSW
Christina Riley, LCSW
Teton Behavior Therapy – multiple counselors
Kaki Tipler, LCSW
Katelyn Webb, LCPC
Adam Williamson, LCPC
76 N Main Street, Suite 206, Driggs, ID 83422
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