Accessing Mental Health Support in Teton Valley

It is ok to ask for help. Many people are concerned about their ability to pay for mental health counseling – after all, adding financial stress at an already stressful time is not appealing to anyone. Many private insurance companies do pay for mental health counseling, as do Medicaid and Medicare. Some local counselors ask for payment at the time of service and provide documentation for the client to get reimbursed by their insurance. Other counselors bill insurance directly, meaning the insured client would not need to pay up front. Potential clients should ask about a counselor’s payment policy before their first visit.


Mental Health Counselors and Psychologists (Non Medicaid)
Sandi Bills, LCPC Driggs/Pocatello 208-787-9804
Erica Burns, LPC, LAT Driggs/Jackson 208-456-3086
Sarah Dunn, LPC Driggs/Jackson 208-201-5686
Amy Herzog, LCSW Driggs/Jackson 307-690-0639
LDS Social Services Driggs 208-529-5276
Lou Parri, MSW Driggs 208-354-6333
Christina Emde Riley LCSW Driggs/Jackson 307-730-7060
Adam Williamson, LCPC Driggs/TVHC 208-705-7898
Children’s Mental Health Waiver 208-359-4756
Christina Heilman, PhD, ATC, CSCS, 208-534-8099
Oliver Goss, LCSW, (307)699-4330
Jennifer Carter, M.A, LPC,(208)390-0988

Dr. Laura McKee Driggs/Jackson 208-201-5230

Medicaid and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Providers

  • Reddoor Rehabilitation Driggs 208-354-3005
  • Mental Wellness Center Driggs 208-541-3172
  • Vista Family Services Driggs 803-320-3420
  • RHS Driggs 208-523-5319

Psychiatric Services

  • Teton Valley Hospital (Telepsychiatiry) Driggs 208-354-2383

Alcohol and Addictions Treatment
Mental Wellness Center Driggs 541-3172
Alcohol Help Line 24 hr National 1-800-821-4357
LDS Family Services Addictions Driggs 208-529-5276
AA and Alanon Support Groups

24 Hour Crisis Numbers

  • National Suicide Prevention LifelineNational Number 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
  • EIRMC Behavioral Health Center Idaho Falls 208-227-2260/1-800-424-1849
  • 911 – For emergency intervention 911
  • Poison Control CenterNational Number 1-800-222-1222

Domestic Violence
Family Safety Network Driggs 208-354-8057

Community Suicide Prevention Efforts

The Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition: 4th Friday of every month, noon-1pm, Teton Valley Realty in Driggs. For more information contact Adam Williamson (208-705-7898,

Suicide Prevention Action Network (SPAN) of Teton Valley
(Adrian Bernal )

Teton Valley Resource Directory

Behavioral Health Crisis Center