About Us

 Welcome to the Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition website!

The Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition was formed in the Fall of 2009 to help identify therapists and counselors in an effort for better collaboration among specific mental health care providers.

Our intention is to be able to provide the information needed in regards to the valley’s mental health community and relaying that information to local officials, advocating for mental health and collaborating community needs. We are composed of clinical providers, attorneys, probation and school personal and others who all share a common interest in Teton Valley’s Mental Health.  We are in the process of receiving our official 501 c3 non-profit status and are 100% volunteer meaning none of our money is allocated for paying the members.  Thanks for visiting the website and feel free to stop by any of our monthly meetings.

Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition Needs your Donation
 Our mission is to promote mental wellness in Teton Valley through education, community action, and the coordination of resources.
 The TVMHC currently operates a free subsidized counseling program that pays for up to 6 counseling sessions for those most at risk of suicide or self harm or who are in an active crisis. Funding for this program is desperately needed. Please donate today! 

We have:


  • Provided numerous mental health related training’s on topics ranging from eating disorders to underage drinking prevention.
    Co-sponsored an “Annual Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness” walk for the 5th straight year.
     Developed and currently maintain a website that links the community to local providers/resources in one central location.
    Held an annual “Depression Screening” for the 4th straight year which is a free depression assessment that links potential clients with a mental health professional.
  • …….All of which has contributed to a decrease in the number of suicides and involuntary hospitalizations, as well as increased the amount of people receiving services who would have not so done otherwise.
  • TVMHC is a diverse group made up of counselors, lawyers, probation officer, school administration, and alternative healers, all who have a vested interest in the mental wellness of our community.  TVMHC is a 100% volunteer effort with no money going towards administrative fees.  If you would like to be involved and have an interest in improving the mental health of Teton Valley, please consider joining the coalition. Contact Adam at adamwilliamson02@gmail.com or Viv at vivienner@rhscares.com
    Please donate through the Tin cup where your donations could be matched at 50%.


Donate at http://www.cftetonvalley.org/tin-cup-challenge/ now through Monday July 27th.


Thank you for your continued support!!