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September 2021 Letter from the Director

Published September, 1 2021

tin cup grant

My husband and I had the pleasure of celebrating our anniversary at a nearby, but will forever remain nameless, hot springs last month. In true Teton Valley fashion, like fishing holes and huckleberry patches, this place is so good we simultaneously want everyone and no one to know about it.

On the recommendation of a local, we wandered into the adjacent town one day, which is about half the size of Teton Valley, in search of the “best food.” As we cruised down Main Street, we were floored by how many chain restaurants, name brand car dealerships (two if you are wondering!), and other amenities typical of a larger city this tiny place had.

“How is it possible this little ole town has a (fill in the blank)?!?” We kept exclaiming.

And while we could have had Arctic Circle burgers and bought a brand new Ford, what we didn’t see were: clearly marked and well maintained trails; life jacket loaner stations, which would have come in handy because we forgot to throw ours in when we were packing and their local river is no leisurely Teton float. Nor were there obvious community resources like a domestic violence shelter, a community resource center, or a mental health clinic.

I was reminded of the discrepancies between these two places when I picked up our Tin Cup check last week. While I saw an incomprehensibly generous figure when I opened the envelope, I also saw the hard work, generosity, and thoughtfulness of a whole lot of folks.

Teton Valley could have chosen to be like the place my husband and I visited. We could have lots of retail establishments that cater to a limited number of needs, but we’ve chosen something different. We’ve chosen to create a community who supports one another in creative, innovative, and diverse ways.

In short, we have a community who deeply cares about its people and their needs.

While we never know what’s going to happen, especially these days, I do know that I have the privilege of living and working in a place where folks take care of each other no matter what.

And that’s pretty incredible.

Thanks for taking care of us, so we can take care of you.