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October 2021 Letter from the Director

Published October, 1 2021

Hey Ya'll,

This is my fourth Letter from the Director, and I have to say it has not been an easy one to write. The first three came so effortlessly. I was fresh and excited. 

Not that I’m not any of those things now, just that the shine of a new job has worn off a bit. And we are in the rolling up our sleeves, digging in, and doing the hard work part of things. Which doesn’t always lend itself to beautiful metaphors and flowery language.

Sometimes a lot has to be dredged up when you are sowing new seeds. Like when you put your first garden in only to discover we have more rocks than soil in most of Teton Valley.

The same is true for us. We all have things we wish would just stay buried. But part of growth and wellness is having difficult conversations, navigating conflict, and managing the parts of ourselves we wish we could just ignore.

Here at the Coalition we’ve been examining our own rocks. Revising our Mission & Vision, evaluating our Policies & Procedures, and doing the hard work of setting a solid foundation to grow from.

It’s not easy and sometimes I feel like no matter what decision I make as a leader there’s always going to be someone who is a little unhappy with me. But I have faith that the more time we spend doing the behind the scenes, unglamorouswork of Strategic Planning, solid budgeting, and values-based Policy & Procedure making, the better we can serve you.

So while you might not be able to see lots of new, fancy growth this month. No new programs, a paused social media account, sadly no Open House event, so much is happening under the surface. Just like some of the plants in my garden.

They may be done flowering, but they aren’t dead. Just resting so they have enough energy for the next growth cycle.

This is an important part of our process too and one that’s easily overlooked because it isn’t as showy and exciting as producing tangible products, programs, and events.

So if you, too, feel less productive or more introspective these days, that’s okay. It’s a necessary part of growth. We all need time to settle and integrate.

We’re right there with you. And still offering what we always have, a safe place for those experiencing storms. That won’t ever change, even if some of our internal systems and future plans have.

Thanks for supporting our growth, so we can support yours. 

Now, let’s all go take naps and prepare for the coming winter.