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Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition News

November 2021 Letter from the Director

Published November, 1 2021


I’m very excited about this next phase and forever grateful for all the teachers and leaders whose shoulders I stand on. For all the friends, and family, and clients, and counselors who’ve helped me rip out weeds and tend my own soil so I could be ready.

October 2021 Letter from the Director

Published October, 1 2021

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This is my fourth Letter from the Director, and I have to say it has not been an easy one to write. The first three came so effortlessly. I was fresh and excited. 

September 2021 Letter from the Director

Published September, 1 2021

tin cup grant

Teton Valley could have chosen to be like the place my husband and I visited. We could have lots of retail establishments that cater to a limited number of needs, but we’ve chosen something different.

August's Letter from the Director

Published August, 1 2021

growing plants

Caring for ourselves and those around us is a never ending process that can be daunting at times. And yet, the sunflowers are still growing. The sweet peas still desperately trying to make their place among the mess.