Rehabilitative Health Services


RHS offers CBRS, Case Management, & Counseling services under the Idaho Medicaid Behavioral Plan, Optum Idaho, Medicare and True Blue/Blue Cross special needs program.
CBRS (formally known as PSR), consists of an array of mental health services that are focused on promoting recovery and improving quality of life for adults, adolescents and children who have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness.

Services are provided in the client’s home or community and include:

•Symptom management
•Coping skills
•Communication skills
•Problem solving skills
•Social skills
•Community Living skills
•Crisis support

Case Management services assist adults, adolescents and children who need an advocate and who have limited ability to obtain or arrange services for them-selves. The goal of the program is to assist people with mental illnesses in obtaining the basic services required to live as independently as possible in their communities. Case Managers can assist with the following:

•Maintaining eligibility
•Filling out various forms and paperwork for services
•Housing and financial resources
•Vocational or educational resources
•Social and interpersonal supports
•Health and medical supports

RHS also offers Substance abuse programs, Healthy Connections services, Psychiatric medication management & self-help classes through our Idaho Falls office.

If you think you qualify, need help with Medicaid paperwork or have more questions please call:

208 932 6148 or 208 523 5319