Behavioral Health Community Crisis Center

What We Do

Our mission is to create a welcoming and hopeful environment to empower people to reconnect to themselves, family, and others and assisting them on their path to reach their potential, whatever that may be.

Who we Serve

We believe that we will primarily serve residents of the sixteen counties in eastern Idaho, but no one will be turned away if they come to the center for services, regardless of their place of residence.

Our Purpose

The Crisis Center of East Idaho is about meeting the needs of individuals in a behavioral health crisis with welcoming, hopeful, and recovery oriented values. It is intended to fill a healthcare gap by providing assessment, referral, and case management services to individuals in a behavioral health crisis. Behavioral health refers to either mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders or both co-occurring together.  A brief nursing assessment  is completed to ensure more comprehensive medical care is not necessary.  Our mission it to keep individuals out of emergency rooms and jails.  The Crisis Center will provide a safe environment to meet the needs of individuals experiencing a behavioral health that do not need hospitalization or incarceration.  Care received early in a crisis, helps individuals to achieve stability, prevent future hospitalizations, and develop the vision and hope of recovery.

Contact Us.

 The Behavioral Health Crisis Center of East Idaho is located on the corner of Holmes and Anderson in the Old Builders Design Center building.