Meeting Minutes 3/22/13

TVMHC March 2013 Meeting

  • Welcome-Members present included Sara M (TVMHC Co-chair), Brandi Daw (BHC), Faren Eddins (TVMHC Board, Atty), Brittany C (TC juvenile probation), Sandi Bills (Private Practice), Adam Williamson (TVMHC Co-chair)
  • Numerous potential Grants Discussion
    • Idaho Communities Grant
      • 5,000 Total Awarded
      • Due April 1st
      • Community Needs?
        • Support the valleys subsidized counseling program?
          • Decision to write grant in support of program
            • Sara M to complete
  • Silver Star Grant
    • 1,000 Total
      • Due March 2013
        • Completed by Christina H
          • Decision made a previous meeting to write grant for biofeedback instruments that the coalition would own and members could utilize as needed.
  • Community Coalitions of Idaho
    • 10,000 initially requested
      • Adam met with a person utilizing the “reward and reminder” in Bear Lake. He expressed some concern with it including the communities view and other difficulties. It was determined to be too controversial and time consuming so it was taken out of the grant.
      • The “Tell it to me Straight” dinner did not fit Benchmarks requirements for funding and therefore the TVMHC did not include it in the contract
      • The TVMHC did contract with Benchmark for Sara M to go to the Community Coalitions of Idaho conference in Boise May 2013. Benchmark is also going to pay for Brittany C to go to ICADD in Boise May 2013 coinciding with CCI.
      • The Benchmark contract does provide a administrative fee (approx 150) that Adam has pledged to turn back to the coalition’s main budget.


  • More Community Coalitions of Idaho Funding
    • The next round of Benchmark funding is accessible at the end of March.
      • If you have an interest please consider this funding source
        • Rules: Your program has to be substance abuse related
        • Also, the program/activity has to be evidence based
          • See the national registry for evidence based programs
          •  Contact Adam for questions
  • Tin Cup
    • If we are going to participate in Tin cup, we need to attend a breakfast in early April and commit to the requirements.
      • Decision to commit to the Tin Cup again but spend more time fundraising before the event rather than relying on the same donors year after year
  • Non Profit update
    • Faren updated the coalition about our status. The application has been submitted.
      • Need to update the by-laws
        • Adam to meet with Faren and develop potential ideas
          • Changes to by-laws will be made during our annual meeting in May 2013
  • Social Service System of Care
    • Faren asked if there was support for those who have been in the state hospital upon discharge other than individual treatment.
    • Adam mentioned the need for a larger meeting to include everyone doing social services work where we could discuss the needs and “wraparound” those who are returning from a crisis hospitalization
  • Adam gave the group information about the hospital possibly doing telepsychiatry. Brandi had information of other hospitals who successfully do that she was going to pass on. She also had a list of all the mental health providers in the area that BHC uses for referrals, she was going to get that to Adam to email to the group. If you have ideas regarding telepsychiatry or opinions either way, please contact Adam or Angela Booker at TVHC. 



Meeting Minutes 2/22/13

TVMHC Meeting Minutes

February 22, 2013

Welcome & Announcements

Those present: Adam, Sara, Patti, Laura, Angie, Eric, Brittany, Rick, Sandi

 Representatives, Eric & Angie, from Mental Wellness introduced themselves and told the group about the services they offer which includes: DBT, MRT, Relapse Prevention Programs, Thinking for Good, Individual, and Group Counseling. Most of their clients are involved with drug court, but they do take referrals. They are currently considering hiring a PT Psychiatric Nurse to help with med management and looking to expanding their counseling services by hiring a PT LPC. They offer a debt forgiveness scale and keep costs low for their clients. Contact information for Angie is 569-6670 and their main number is 542-1026.

Report on Grants:

  • SAP (Adam)
    Adam gave the group and update on the status of this grant. We’re currently waiting for a fiscal sponsor-the Community Foundation wants to phase out and we’re waiting to hear back from the Hospital. It’s a substantial grant that pays for administrative costs. They will pay for our monthly meetings and to attend conferences. Adam is attending one and Sara another. We’ve requested money for two programs-Tell It to Me Straight Dinner and Reward Minor Program.
  • Silverstar (Chris)
    Chris was not present to discuss the status of this grant. Sara and Adam to follow up via email.
  • Drug Free Communities grant

Sara presented the information regarding this grant to the group to see if anyone would be willing to take on writing it. None of the group members expressed interest.

  • Idaho Community Foundation Grant (Sara)

Sara presented the group with the information pertaining to this grant-due date, cost, parameters. The group decided that writing it for the Subsidized Counseling Program was the first priority, contingent upon how much was left in the account. Patti agreed to check into the balance and let Sara know. If it was well funded other ideas were for parenting classes, anti bullying projects, and activities for teens.

Check-in about Non-profit Status
No new information about this agenda item.

Mentor Programs:

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Teton Mentor Project
  • GAP!

Sara presented information about each of these programs to the group and solicited feedback about getting a mentor program started in the community. The group decided that Big Brothers/Big Sisters was too costly and labor intensive, and that modeling a program after the Teton Mentor Project was more in line with our abilities. It was agreed that getting the school board/district to support our efforts was important. Reaching out to Monty and the guidance counselors and inviting them to our monthly meetings was suggested. Brittany was willing to bring up the idea of a mentor program in the next JOST meeting and Adam has a friend who’s on the board of the Mentor Project. Rick suggested looking in to community education classes to find natural mentors for people. Or using the ICF grant to subsidize classes for those who can’t afford them. This led to a discussion about those people in the community who fall through the cracks and could benefit from more services. Transportation, working parents, and low income were all listed as barriers to success for lots of Teton Valley youths. Adam brought up the idea of having an office/person who was a Coordinator of Youth Services. Sara expressed interest in such a position.



Meeting Minutes 1/25/13

TVMHC January Monthly Meeting ~1/25/13

Attending: Adam Williamson, Christina Heilman, Faren Eddins, Spencer Webb, Brandi Daw, Kay Sleim, Brittany Campbell

  • TVMHC is a partner with the TV school district for the 21 CCLC grant. TVMHC agreed to do 2 session/year for parents. The session content will be discussed further if awarded the grant.

Follow-Up Community Foundation Needs Survey

  •  Adam reported on Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Services. There is an outpatient substance abuse program, Mental Wellness. However, community members are not aware of the services. Kay and Brandi will discuss this with Mental Wellness. Approximate utilization is 100 clients per year, 10 in the Jackson services.
  • The other members were not in attendance to discuss other areas of the needs survey, which include Mental Health Services, Youth Services, and Senior Services.

 Hospital as fiscal sponsor for two grants

  • Adam is working on two grants 1) Tell it to me straight dinner (teen sex and drug abuse) and 2) Reward and Remind (rewarding business to not sell alcohol or tobacco to minors). The grants are Substance Abuse funds awarded through Benchmark. The community foundation does not want to sponsor the coalition for these grants for two reasons including the timing and the reporting requirements of a federal block grant. The hospital is interested in becoming our fiscal sponsor for these two grants only. Adam to meet with hospital admin next week.

 Non-Profit Status

  • Faren informed the group that TVMHC is in it’s final stages of non-profit status. Faren is submitting paperwork to the IRS to be tax-exempt. Then, TVMHC will receive a tax ID. This process can take 1 –1.5 years. While getting tax-exempt status, it is possible TVMHC can act as a non-profit.

 Behavioral Health Center

  • Brandi and Kay updated the group that new beds are being provided for kids who have an IQ of 60-75 and doctors are staffed for 2013.

 Mentor Program Ideas

  •  Jackson Hole has an established mentor program through the school district, Sara M to follow up.

 Foster Family Training

  • Brittany and Adam reported a partnership between the TVMHC and juvenile probation to offer a pride training in Teton Valley but first, they would like to offer an informative dinner to prospective foster parents. This will be on February 20th, 6:30 at the old Driggs courthouse. Dinner is provided courtesy of the TVMHC. 

Meeting Minutes 11/30/12

district 7 juvenile justice COUNCIL PUBLIC MEETING

November 30, 2012 Location:  Teton County Courthouse                                                                                  Time:  12:00 p.m. to 3:00p.m.

Members Present:

Nancy Lopez                Alisha Passey               Matt Christensen          Robert DeHart             Lynn Whiting                Paul Meigio              Dave Peters

Members Excused:

Darin Burrell                 Kama Johnson

Others Present:

Shane Boyle, D7 District Liaison; Brandy Abegglen, D7 OS2; Adam Williamson, Co-Chair of TVMHC; Brittany Campbell, Teton County Chief JPO; Abby Williams, THS VOICE Coordinator; Willy Warner Family Safety Network Advertising Director; Brenda Price, Region 7 Community Resource Development Specialist; Christina Heilman, TVMHC Secretary; Sara McKeowen, Co-Chair of TVMHC; Sandi Bills, LCPC; Mike Guyman, Region 7 Department of Health and Welfare; Angela Booker, Director of Nursing Services TVHC; Kay Seim, Director of BHC, Sarah Dunn, LPC Suicide Prevention Coordinator for Teton County; Stacy Grohne, JH Community School; Karen Skow; Rick Palmer, Department of Health and Welfare; Bev Ashton, D5 District Liaison; Taryn Ivie, 5-County Detention Center; Brad Baker, Department of Health and Welfare; Brandi Daw, Behavioral Health Center


Meeting Outcomes/Decisions Reached

Who’s Responsible

Due Date


Call to Order/Introductions/Lunch

·        Adam wanted to thank everyone for traveling to Driggs today. Nancy thanked everyone for coming.



Review and Approve Minutes

  • Alisha motioned to approve the minutes. Lynnseconded the motion.  Motion unanimously approved.

All Members

3. Taryn Ivie Resume
  • Paul motioned to approve Taryn’s resume for membership.  Matt seconded the motion.  Motion unanimously approved
4. TetonCountyCommunityMeeting
  • Adam Williamson discussed the Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition.  He talked about how the Coalition helps with the Suicide Prevention.
  • Nancydiscussed the Council and how it works.  If there is anyone that is interested in being on the council please letNancyknow.
  • Bev Ashton discussed the Restorative Justice training that she has been doing.
  • Willy Warner discussed the Restorative Justice system that they have inTetonCounty.  He is interested in getting together with Bev to get some new ideas.
  • Brittany Campbell discussed the diversion program for the juveniles.  If anyone has any ideas for funding or new programs forTetonCountyplease letBrittanyknow.
  • Abby Williams discussed the VOICES program that is in the schools.  She has started a teen support group for after school.  This has started off slow but she hopes it will grow.
  • Paul discussed the SUDS program.
  • Brandi Daw discussed theBehavioralHealthCenter.  There is a new crisis line that is available 24 hours (208) 716-9477.  There are licensed professionals that are on hand all the time to talk to.
  • Karen Skow discussed the Title 5 Grant.  There is only one Title 5 grant given a year.  She also discussed the Compliance Monitoring.
  • Jeanne Anderson discussed the needs assessment for Teton valley.  If you would like to look at the survey go to
  • Sarah Dunn discussed the Teton County Suicide Prevention.  They are getting ready to join forces with SPAN.
  • Dave Peters discussed Children’s Mental Health.  He is willing to helpTetonCountyas much as he can.
  • Lynn Whiting discussed the resources that are available in this area.
  • Alisha Passey discussed BYDC.  They focus on helping to keep youth substance free.
  • Robert discussed the Substance Abuse Treatment.
All Members
5. Adjourn
  • Thank you for traveling to Driggs.  Brandy will let you know when the next meeting is.
Nancy Lopez



Respectfully submitted to District 7 Juvenile Justice Council by,



Brandy Abegglen


Meeting Minutes, 10/26/12

TVMHC October Monthly Meeting ~10/26/12Attending: Adam Williamson, Sara McKeown, Richard Palmer, Christina Heilman, Sandi Bills, Faren Eddins, Brittney Campbell, Mike Guymon,


Adam informed us on an upcoming event:

Equipoise Fund programs Womentum, Raising Girls and Thrive are pleased to offer two opportunities for the Jackson community to engage with Peggy Orenstein, award-winning author and speaker on issues affecting women and girls on November 15.
Annual Women in Leadership Luncheon hosted by Womentum
Topic: the lives and choices of women — ambition, power, love, motherhood & career Thursday, November 15 from 12:00-1:15pm at Rendezvous Bistro $28 tickets available at the Womentum website until November 9 (this event sells out every year — buy your tickets today!)

Questions? Email

“The New Culture of Girlhood” co-hosted by Raising Girls and Thrive
Topics will include gender identity, self-esteem, media literacy, and how grown-ups can encourage a healthy concept of womanhood Thursday, November 15 from 7:00-8:30pm at theJackson HoleHigh SchoolAuditorium Free admission Intended audience: girls age 12+ and their parents, educators and caregivers

Questions? Email

Christina reported RUNdevous Running Club is looking for volunteers to run/walk with kids for their end of season fun run on October 29th at 4:30. Meet at the Rendezvous Elementary.

Parenting Apart: Willy Warner is looking for participants in an upcoming course on Parenting Apart. The date and time depend on who contacts him. Call Willy at the Family Safety Network for more details.

Sandi reported that the Depression Screening was successful. A suggestion for next year is to inform public of the anonymous on-line screening

Brittney informed us a she is working to continue the JOS (Judge, Officer, School-I think) meetings. These meetings are to gather as professionals and discuss at risk youth and coordinate efforts to reduce recidivism and increase success in the community. She will contact us with meeting times and dates.

Social Services Needs Survey

Christina gave a summary of the needs assessment findings conducted and funded by the Teton Valley Community Foundation.

TVMHC highlighted a few items of importance and a need to take each item of need listed in the survey and obtain current resources, frequency of use ect. Next, members volunteered to gain more knowledge on the specific service needs. Adam –Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Services, Sara –Mental Health Services, Mike –Youth Services, Senior Services –Sandi.

Next Coalition Meeting Scheduled for the 4th Friday, November 30th, due to the Turkey Day holiday. Nancy Lopez (District 7 Council Chair Substance Abuse Prevention) and other council members will share resources, program ideas, restorative justices efforts, and grant opportunities. Come hungry. Lunch will be provided.


TVMHC Sponsored Events

  • Oliver Goss would like to do a workshop on either couples counseling or bullying. He asked that the TVMHC help advertise and get the word out. Proceeds from the event would be donated back to the TVMHC.
  • TVMHC needs more details of events and curious how this event would meet the needs assessment completed by the community foundation last week.
  • There was also a concern about if we do this for Oliver, then we need to do this for others. Oliver works inJackson and is moving some of his business over toTetonValley and wants to build a client base inTetonValley. Decision to address the needs assesment first

Update on non-profit status

  • Faren reported that the 5013c paperwork is completed. To make sure things are done correctly, it’s a good idea that an accountant reviews the application. Faren will contact Susie Cummings to see if she is able to review the application. If not then it will be taken to Cooke’s Accounting. The cost will be between $300-$400. Sandi made a motion for the TVMHC to pay for the bill and Adam seconded it.

Grants for Afterschool Program

  • Adam stated that the federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers program is awarding an afterschool grant.
  • Christina helped with this grant last year and informed the group of it’s details (30% in-kind from school district, 5-year grant with each year having less funding with the idea of the program supporting itself, lead grant writer is Shannon Garcia). Christina is helping with the grant again this year and will be a liaison. Christina asked the group to think of individuals or programs that could be offered for elementary and middle school aged participants.


  • INL is awarding a grant to financial needy communities. Possible grant funding ideas that TVMHC can help with are workshops for parents and kids (Don’t tell my parents) or help fund the afterschool program.

Meeting Minutes 9/28/12

TVMHC August Monthly Meeting ~8/24/12

Attending: Sara McKeown, Richard Palmer, Christina Heilman, Sandi Bills, Faren Eddins, Susie Cummings, Willy Warner, Brittney Campbell, Cathryn Hunt, Mary Mello


  • Many new attendees: Susie Cummings (accountant board member), Brittney Campell (new JPO), and Mary Mello (new high school counselor)

3rd Annual Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk

  • The turnout was great. We went through 24 boxes of pizza, VOICE wore their T-shirts, local and state suicide prevention speakers, and participants made and brought signs.
  • Sara will write thank-you to Broulims, Tony’s, Monte, and SPAN

Board Member-Seeking a Grant Writer

  • The group agreed upon seeking a grant writer for a board member. The search is on.
  • INL is awarding a grant to financial needy communities. The deadline is October 15. Corresponding will take place over email.
  • Brittany mentioned the Community Coalition of Idaho as an organization to help small coalitions grow.

National Depression Day

  • Sandi Bills updated the coalition on National Depression Day is October 11th, 4-7 pm, and at the Teton Valley Hospital. Sara and Adam will coordinate a public service announcement and others volunteered to distribute flyers. The hospital is donating the space and refreshments.

Juvenile Community Service

  • The juvenile probation officers would like to get kids involved in the community. Contact them if you have miscellaneous tasks (hang or create flyers) that need to be done.



Meeting Minutes, 8/24/2012

TVMHC August Monthly Meeting ~8/24/12

Attending: Adam Williamson, Sara McKeown, Richard Palmer, Christina Heilman, Sandi Bills, Patti Snarr, Faren Eddins


  • Adam and Richard’s safeTalk went well. Go team!
  • TVMHC received $930.00 from Tin Cup

3rd Annual Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk

  • Need to speak to school about a date. Once a date is set, an email will be sent out to discuss the details of the walk.
  • The tentative plan is to help students create signs for the walk (i.e., take care of yourself), awareness walk in downtown Driggs, meet at the park, have a student and professional briefly speak, handout stickers and wristbands, and have food.
  • Adam will contact BHC and SPAN to participate and donations, Patti will talk to FSN, Sara will contact Subway. Update: The date of the walk is set for 9/25/12 at 11:00.

Update from new board member Faren Eddins

  • Faren introduced himself. He’s an attorney and legal representative to involuntary hospitalization cases.
  • The articles of incorporation are done. Faren will begin the tax exempt status paperwork. Bylaws need to be reviewed and edited.

“Don’t tell my Parent” educational dinner

  • Adam informed the coalition that students in teton valley are asked questions about sex. Then, a few students are trained about teens and sex, the specifics to teton valley, and how to answer questions about sex to the parents attending the dinner. The parents come for dinner and sit at tables with one teen. Parents are allowed to ask questions and the teens answer it. In Jackson this was a great success.
  • The cost is $4,000. Sara is contacting organizations (Dept of Education, Juvenile Probation, Education Foundation) to find donors.

National Depression Day

  • Sandi Bills updated the coalition that National Depression Day is October 11th. The coalition voted to purchase depression survey packets and analysis for $150. Sandi plans to conduct free surveys at the hospital in Driggs from 4-7pm. She needs one person to hand out the surveys and three counselors to evaluate and discuss the survey with the individual (15 minutes/person). There is also a need for volunteers to post flyers.

Community Needs

  • Adam discussed bringing in an eating disorder specialist to either train the coalition or conduct a community forum. Richard will contact a clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders and report back.

SAP Grants

  • Adam informed the group that there are Substance Abuse Program grants to coalitions in Idaho. The grant is a lengthy process but awards grantees money for evidence-based practices. There are also grants for direct services.


Meeting Minutes 7/27/2012

TVMHC Monthly Meeting Minutes 7/27/12

Willy Warner-FSN, Brenda Price-DHW, Sandi Bills, Patti Snarr, Minutes by Adam

Willy updated about FSN ongoing groups. Noticed our website was not correct on their pamphlet so asked to fix.

  • Brenda Price introduced herself. Coming from DHW as the “Community Development Resource” Recognizes the efforts of the coalition and offered her support. Encouraged us to identify gaps in coverage or any particular concerns and report back with data. Idea of “brief mental health” screens at the jails (JHCCC has a grant to do this and it works very well). Brenda is interested in the study currently underway by Bob G. Adam will connect the two
  • Adam updated about Tin Cup. Thanked Patti and Sandi for helping and still encouraging everyone to seek donors.
  • Adam updated about our non-profit status and the first board members who are: Rick Palmer – therapist and mental health advocate, Suzie Cummings – accountant and excited to be involved, and Faren Eddins- attorney and legal representative to involuntary hospitalization cases. Faren is working on the articles of incorporation, once done we will file with the federal government for the non-profit status.

Upcoming Trainings:

Adam is doing a safeTalk in Rexburg on August 9th with Rick Palmer helping. It is free (donations accepted) and count for 3 CEU’s. Please call Adam to RSVP 208-705-7898

Annual SPAN conference in Boise

Meeting Minutes 6/22/2012

TVMHC May Monthly Meeting ~6/22/12

Attending: Adam Williamson, Sara McKeown, Richard Palmer, Christina Heilman, Cate Sign, Brandi Da, Mike Guymond, Sandi Bills


  • Brandi shared several announcements.
  • First, Idaho has a suicide hotline 800-273-TALK, which is operating out of Boise.
  • Second, in Idaho Falls there is a rummage sale August 25th from 8am-Noon with the proceeds going to SPAN. Drop off items will occur on Friday, August 24th. Brandi will let us know of a pick-up area in Driggs.
  • Third, The SPAN conference is on September 13 & 14 in Boise. The topic is suicide and aftermath. For more details visit the SPAN website.
  • Lastly, the Idaho Family and Marriage Therapy Conference is September 21 & 22 with the topics of internet and sex addiction.
  • October is National Depression Awareness month. Sandi Bills is taking charge of creating an event to increase awareness about depression.

Report about non-profit status

  • Adam and Sara met with an attorney, Faren Edons, to discuss the steps in becoming a non-profit. There are four steps: 1) Bylaws: our current by laws are okay for now, but in the future TVMHC will need to solidify a bank account and distribution of monies; 2) File articles of incorporation with the state of Idaho: there are fees associated with this process as well as TVMHC needs three board members to file; 3) File IRS exemption status, which takes about 5-6 months; and 4) EIN for a bank account.
  • Members discussed whether to remain a coalition or to become a foundation. The difference is a coalition is anyone can ask for information on our accounts and a foundation has privacy with their accounts. The group decided to remain a coalition.

Discussion of Board Members

  • After discussing different board members, the group narrowed it down to Faren Edons (attorney), Suzie Cummings (accountant), Mary Carol Steiber (fundraiser and retired attorney), Rich Palmer (practitioner), and a community member. For the community member, Sara will contact Monte to discuss school board members and Suzie for the members at the Family Safety Network. Sara will also contact Faren and Mary and Christina will contact Suzie about their interest in becoming board members.

Tin Cup

  • Tin Cup is July 21st.
  • To participate in Tin Cup we need 20 hours of volunteer time prior or during the event. Sara will head coordinating an interactive booth (8hours). Walking in the parade equates to 3 hours per person. Currently Sara, Adam, and Christina are walking in the parade (9 hours). To volunteer, sign up on the tin cup website and make sure the hours are counted toward TVMHC.

Fundraising Options

  • Multiple fund raising options were discussed to raise money during the giving period of the Tin Cup. Events to possibly fund raise were Ribs and Rides Car Show, Alpine Wines, Drive-In, and Rodeo. Various members will talk to these business and find out options to fund raise.
  • Other fundraising options include: FB Kick, four-wheeler weekend rental, 3-day event at different business.


Meeing Minutes, 5/18/2012

TVMHC May Monthly Meeting ~5/18/12

Attending: Adam Williamson, Patti Snarr, Sara McKeown, Erica Burns, Richard Palmer, Christina Heilman


  • Adam Williamson shared there will be Suicide Self Arm training in Boise, SLC, and a web-base class. The training covers the new DSM diagnosis and 5 interventions for people who are suicidal. Adam shared another training in SLC on facilitating survivor support groups in SLC June 1st and 2nd. Adam will send an email.
  • Rick Palmer shared there will be a first responder debriefing training. More details later.

Review Minutes From Annual Meeting

  • The new co-chair, Sara McKeown, recapped the annual meeting: 1) broaden the mission statement to mental wellness, 2) try to enlarge the scope of the coalition beyond therapists and counselors, 3) vote for new officers, 4) try to move to non-profit, and 5) reflect on the years accomplishment


  • If TVMHC does not obtain non-profit status by January 1, then the coalition will pay an annual fee of $500 to the Teton Community Foundation and will not get matching funds from the Tin Cup.

Inviting Others to TVMHC Meetings

  • For the next meeting, TVMHC members will brainstorm people and organizations that may want to become new members or board members. for non-profit status and new members. The potential members consist of anyone interested in the health and wellness of our community, which may include bankers, lawyers, medical professionals, business owners, environmentalists, nutritionists, senior citizens, sport/exercise practitioners, teachers, parks and recreation workers, church/spiritual practitioner, survivor/consumer of mental health services, teens, etc.
  • Sara will draft a letter to invite new members.

Suicide Prevention Task Force

  • Patti Snarr volunteered to be the new TVMHC representative for the Suicide Prevention Task Force monthly meetings.
  • Decision to discuss the subsidized counseling effort as an agenda item only and if there is a need for training/questions ect, it will be communicated through email or seperate meeting.