Meeting Minutes 12/15/17

Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition Agenda
December 15, 2017
12:00pm – 1:00pm
Teton Valley Realty Management
Mission Statement: To promote mental wellness in Teton Valley through education, community action, and the coordination of resources.

Call to order

Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition Meeting Minutes
December 15, 2017
12:02pm – 1:02pm
Teton Valley Realty Management

Present: Adam Williamson, Myra Kerr, Jill Naylor Yarger, Jen McCrillis, Sandi Bills, Jen Carter, Jared Power, Megan O’Brien, Ann Loyola. Call in: Virinia Wood, TRPTA

Mission Statement: To promote mental wellness in Teton Valley through education, community action, and the coordination of resources.

Call to order at 12:02pm
General Announcements:
– Jill Naylor Young – There will be a Mountain Story Program through Jackson library. This year’s focus is on addiction; guest speakers in January in Jackson will speak on exercise and health to remediate addiction. Adam will forward information to MHC.
– Jen McCrillis – Handed out Soul Spin fliers. Program will start January 17th with 8 classes twice per week. Attendance to all classes is strongly encouraged. Jen has space for 8 people as of December 15, 2017. Can do ages 14 or older if parents sign waiver and they can fit on the bike.
Ann Loyola from Teton Valley Health Care came to discuss collaboration w TVHC.
Goals for 2018:
• Ann Loyola – Collaboration with Teton Valley Health Care, Family Safety Network, and Community Resource Center of Teton Valley
o Identified needs: substance abuse, access to MH counseling, school counseling
o Hospital would like to propose working together more closely. Hospital is on firm financial ground and would like to take some revenue and form a tighter coalition with groups that have a natural relationship. TVHC has been meeting with FSN, CRCTV, and TVMHC. What they’d like to see is improving mental wellness, safety, and creating a program that is more proactive than reactive. Some ideas: putting a MH counselor in schools with set office hours, working w MS and HS students. Would like to develop discussion to identify gaps and create effective collaboration. Would like the group to get together to identify objectives and develop a plan.
o Adam has talked to high school counselors – they are both motivated to have a regular mental health counselor at the schools.
o Subsidized counseling program – Hospital could be somewhat involved to increase to 12 visits rather than 6 visits.
o Hospital has a wraparound medical program that involves coaching, nutrition, etc, and could implement more mental health counseling in the program.
o Currently, substance abuse is excluded in the 6 free counseling sessions; perhaps it could be included with this new plan.
o Myra suggested possibly implementing Zero Suicide program.
o Jen suggested possibly using Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.
o Hospital would like to meet with 2 leaders from each group to identify objectives.
o Adam can send email out with ideas and MHC can prioritize plans.
o Hospital has identified substance abuse, youth services, noncompliant community, and suicide/mental health as major issues in their Community Health Needs Assessment.
o Transportation is also considered a relevant need.
o There may be larger grants available if some kind of coalition is developed between TVHC, TVMHC, FSN, and CRCTV.
• TRPTA is in discussions w START and Targhee shuttle to develop a local bus system. Currently seniors have decreased participation because TRPTA no longer has a grant to cover their transportation fees.

• TVMHC may need to think about hiring an administrative person to help with grant development.
• Jen Carter is doing DBT at middle school and is doing weekly group at Basin High School with topics that the students identified for discussion. Jen will put together possible budget/proposal to share with MHC and School District.
• CRC will be moving to the Old Ford building north of Seoul Restaurant, starting January 1st. Co-locating with Hispanic Resource Center, in same building at Mental Wellness Center, EITC (College of Eastern Idaho), and eventually the Food Pantry. Looking into developing a bus stop and shower/laundry facilities there.
• Abby Williams has returned to VOICE Program starting in January.

• Ideas for art grant:
o Jared knows Jill Runyan, who creates art that may be helpful for people w mental health disorders.
o Virinia suggested a bus wrap with a contest to design it.
o Jen Carter suggested a paint a horse contest/class, collaborating with Arts Council and HAPI Trails and auctioning art
o Anpeytu ran an art workshop where clients produced acollage of themselves, then auctioned off pieces
o Myra’s husband has been doing art therapy with pottery for men at Calderwood House for a few years; has been paying for materials for himself
o Bringing in an artist to discuss experiences w mental health
o Scholarship at art center
o Jen McCrillis does paper mache masks with writings of what you hide from others on the inside; could be displayed somewhere
o Jared suggested an ongoing exhibition of artwork completed by clients
o Jill would like to include the Senior Center and have outside organizations provide some kind of paperwork that guides how funds will be spent

Adjourned at 1:02pm. Next meeting: Systems of Care, January 26th, 1:30pm – 3:00pm at SWOT

Meeting Minutes 10/27/17

Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition Monthly Meeting with SPAN TV
Minutes, October 27, 2017|by Jill and Adam.
Members present: Cheryl, Jen C, Kimberly, Jill, Sandi, Laura, Adam, Jodene

General Announcements

  • Adam presented an exercise therapy program (Soul Spin) that was requested ffor funding by Jen M. The program will be 4 weeks, 8 classes from January 3 – 26 and will include:  40 minutes of exercise (spin bicycling) followed by 30 minutes of group discussion and processing. TVMHC board members have already approved pending a coalition vote. Adam made motion to approve, all voted in favor of funding Jens class.
  • Jen C reported on DBT at the 7th grade and also going back to Basin next semester.
  • Depression Screening update: Ideas were generated to possibly establish a regular date for depression screening.  Ideas included incorporating the Cache clinic (a cash only clinic in Driggs… $50 per visit).  Depression screenings would still be offered free of charge.  Discuss possibly posting link to on line depression screening on Mental Health Coalition webpage.
  • Donation to Mental Health Coalition. A generous donation linked to “Art” has been received.  Sarah White was instrumental in securing the donation.  A planning committee will be formed to discuss how best to utilize the donation.  Ideas generated during the meeting included:  Art Therapy for seniors and youth; Portrait drawing (pre and post treatment, counseling, program participation, etc.) that could reflect progress /healing; Art Therapy art show, developing strong partnership with Teton Arts for class development. Discussed possibly a needs assessment before planning.
  • New Psychologist Nurse Practioner. Anna Palmer has joined the staff at the hospital / clinic and will be providing services every Friday starting in November.
  • Equine Therapy. Moving forward.  Received small grant and is applying for others.  Currently working with families and women who are victims of domestic violence.
  • Report on Changes to Children’s Mental Health Service: Upcoming changes to additional services that will be covered under Medicaid were discussed. Changes are approaching as of January 1, 2018; however, there is still great discussion of how these services may or may not be rolled out based on the uncertainty of the level of Medicaid funding
  • Laura reported there is still room for her women’s group at FSN.
  • Suicide Prevention Training: The Voice program at the high school has requested safe talk training.  Adam Williamson will deliver the training in two 1.5-hour sessions, Friday November 9 and Friday November 17.  The total cost of the training is $553 which includes a training fee and books for participants.  SPAN TV will cover this cost as approved by the SPAN TV board.
  • Suicide Prevention Walk: The Voice program at the high school has requested that the Suicide Prevention Walk be moved from fall to spring.  The fall schedule for students is very crowded with home coming, beginning classes, and the start of many sporting activities.  A spring walk will allow students to prepared well in advance for the walk and also allow them an opportunity to assume greater ownership of the Suicide Prevention walk.  Additionally, the Voice program has requested lead up training, such as the Safe Talk training being offered in November, to assist them in greater understanding of their roles in Suicide Prevention.

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Due to holidays the MHC/SPAN TV will meet on the third Friday of the month

Friday, November 17   noon – 1:00

Friday, December 15 .. noon – 1:00

Meeting Minutes 8/25/17

August 25, 2017 Meeting Minutes 12:00pm – 1:05pm
Minutes by Megan and Jill

Present: Adam Williamson; Brandi Daw, BHC; Myra Kerr, SPAN; Jill Nayler Yarger, SPAN; Jen McCrillis; Cheryl Jennison, Children’s Mental Health; Bruce Mason, retired counselor and chair of Seniors West of the Tetons; Renee Leidorf, Juvenile Probation and SPAN; Sandi Bills; Virinia Wood, TRPTA; Jen Carter


Mental health symposium in Idaho Falls on Sept 15th will offer 6 free CEUS; there will be another symposium in Pocatello on the 14th. The memorial walk and 5k fundraiser will be on the 15th in Idaho Falls.

Megan will teach a Principles of Parenting class through EITC but needs at least 6 participants or it will be cancelled. TRPTA may be able to help with transport.

Systems of Care will be from 1:30pm – 3:00pm in place of TCMHC meeting in September due to SWOT’s new Friday lunch.

Teton High School has hired a new counselor. Megan will invite the school counselors to TVMHC meetings.

TVMHC did well at Tin Cup with about $6,000 raised.

Equine therapy is available with Jen Carter. Pricing is flexible.

SPAN and TVMHC will continue to work towards merging. The local SPAN board has been supportive, although there are some questions about how to do accounting. Will likely start with keeping the money separate. SPAN TV and TVMHC will continue to meet together the last Friday of the month and plan various strategies for addressing Suicide Prevention and Mental Health issues throughout Teton Valley. However, Tin Cup funds will be held separately and SPAN TV will continue to employ an accountant to generate expense reports and follow through with the Suicide Prevention activities planned for the upcoming year.  Myra Kerr, Renee Leidorf and Jill Naylor Yarger will attend each joint meeting and give reports on activities and upcoming events. The members of the Mental Health Coalition will continue to provide support services and join in the activities whenever possible. The merger, in many ways, would be a formalization of the ongoing involvement of both organization in their common goals and services. SPANTV and TVMHC have always collaborated and both organizations have been involved with each other’s meetings and services.  At this time, the only major change is the common joint meeting time.

Suicide Prevention Walk will likely occur in October. TVMHC will organize a social media campaign through Facebook ads, and will use the Rock your Role and/or the Be the 1 To campaigns. Myra will call the school to set a date and pitch info to VOICES to see if they can take some more responsibility for aspects of the event. Kids will design tshirts. Adam will find a guest speaker. Will shoot for October 12, 2017. May change where the students walk from due to time constraints.  Although September is Suicide Prevention Month, the LYFE (Love Yourself ForEver) walk is always held the second Thursday of October. The walk is promoted and lead through collaboration of SPAN TV and the VOICES program at the high school.  Last year’s walk involved over 150 high school students and school administrators and community members.  The march starts at the Gazebo on Main Street in Driggs where T-shirt’s with the Prevent Suicide/SPAN TV motto is displayed are distributed to all participants. After a short address by a guest speaker the students, carrying posters supporting the Suicide Prevention theme of the march, begin their march down Main Street.  The march continues to the stop light where participants cross the intersection and march down the other side of Main Street and return to the Gazebo for pizza.

Suicide Awareness Month is September. TVMHC could provide mental health info at liquor stores and to bartenders. Renee will find out if bartenders are required to have some training; TVMHC could piggyback on ISP training.

Sara and Jen will make up fundraising committee. TVMHC will review interest/availability in having a spring fundraiser.

SPAN may have money for a grief, loss, trauma support.

Jen Carter will solidify potential funders and budget for middle school DBT group.


Annual Meeting 6/23/17

Those present: Adam W, Jenn M, Sara M, Sandi B, Mrya, Jared Powers, Laura McKee, Megan O, Jill, Candace D, Jodine, Jenn C


The CRC is now open full time! Tuesday through Friday 9-4. The CRC just opened their 90th case management file!
The bilingual interpreters all passed the WY written test. They still need to pass a phone interview
Jennifer McCrillis is now licensed and seeing clients.
The TVMHC website is getting about 250-300 visits per month.
Mental Wellness is moving into the old Ford building as soon as it’s ready.
Jared Powers, who is a Certified Structural Integration Practitioner, is now in the valley and offering his services.

2016 Year in Review
We created a logo, banner, and stress balls!
Screenagers was a huge success.
Ted Talk, DBT Group, LYFE Walk, CIT Training, Depression Screening, and the coalition served about 30 individuals for subsidized counseling. Another amazing

Elections for 2017

Adam W Chair; Jennifer McCrillis co-chair motioned by Sara M, seconded by Laura M; Megan O’Brien secretary motioned by Jenn C, seconded by Sara M

New Board Members: Adam suggested Teri Reiley- he will be in contact.  Also Charlie Shinkle although he is still living in Jackson so not likely at this point.

Adam discussed SPAN’s wishes to merge with the TVMHC into one non-profit. We will need to figure out the best way to join non-profits, and do we want to keep SPAN or go a different route for suicide prevention?  Merging will be best after Tin Cup.  Efforts already seemed combined, so we decided to make it official. All member voted for merging SPAN and TVMHC. Renee will be in contact about the next steps as they still need to make some changes at the state level.

We reviewed budget and we are doing really well. Still have grant money through the county and tin-cup this year.
Received a $1500 donation from Gotham Girls Roller Derby in memory of Jennifer Nally. We have decided to split that donation with the Family Safety Network.
We need membership dues! Also, please send copies of insurance and professional license to Adam. The school requests that we also sign new forms every year.

2017 Goals 

Resiliency Screening and Screenagers? Adam received an email from Screenagers offering a discount if we show it again. We can look into using the school auditorium. Sara suggested doing an annual TCMHC fundraiser.  Need to discuss the best time of year to do this. Fundraising committee: Sara M, Candace, Sandi, Jill.
Jenn C and the school would like to keep the DBT group going in the middle school.  Need to find out if the grant can be written through the Education Foundation.
Jenn M would like to run a therapy exercise program through the Spin Cave.
Megan will be running a parenting program in September.
We need to create of grief baskets so they are available to the community.

Upcoming 4th of July parade: Sara, Jenn M and Adam. Jenn will complete the application. Sandi will purchase the candy. We always run out so let’s get some more this year!

Meeting Adjured at 11:25AM

Meeting Minutes 4/28/17

Those present: Jen C, Jenn M (minutes), Sara M, Rene L, Kimberly from Region 7 Adult Mental Health, Adam W, Mrya K

Tin Cup: The TVMHC was approved for the Tin Cup. We may need to put in some volunteer hours. We could share a booth with SPAN. Set up is at 7:30, starts at 9. July 15th. Adam will email the Community Foundation to see if we can still have our own booth. Update: All the booth spots are taken, SPAN has agreed to let us share.
Trauma informed care training: May 18,19 in Jackson.
Humanitrian Center (Idaho Falls) are coming up to share some of their resources/ideas
on 5/3/16. Jen M will send Mrya contact information for One Voice for Autism, and Jackson Hole Behavioral Services.
Sara M. is the new WRAP Coordinator for juvenile probation.

Annual Meeting: Annual meeting to be held on June 23rd from 10-11:30 am at the Teton County Courthouse, before the Systems of Care meeting. We will review memberships, set goals, review the budgt and vote.

Eclipse/Crisis Response: Should we think about organizing a crisis response team? Myra will bring up in the next meeting. Not sure if the mental health aspect has been addressed by the county. The valley is expecting 50,000 people. Renee to talk to Greg Adams.

13 reasons: Discusison regarding 13 reasons movie on Netflix. Decision to not hold speical event; instead, Jen C will post on facebook, guidelines for parents and how to respond to the Netflix series. We will talk to the school to see if they need some support.  Update: Adam talked to Monte who will make sure the school counselor have the guidelines.

Annual Award Committee: Rick, Faren, and Adam. Adam will send out an email with information regarding the Annual Award, so keep an eye out! Update-Adam sent out the announcment and many nominations have already came!

Reviewed budget. No changes in this area.

Adjurned at 1:05 PM.

Meeting Minutes 2/24/17

Those present: Rene L, Jennifer M, Jenn C, Adam W, Teri Reiley, Megan O, Laura M, Becca, Blake Fullmer, Peter Moffatt, Tim Dawsom, Sandi B, Candice, Myra K, Jodine

Welcome Teri Reiley! She owns Anytime Fitness and the Spin Cave and would like to be more involved in the community.
Screenagers: Full attendance! We should think about offering more movies/documentaries to the community. We always seem to have a good turnout.
Jenn M and Sara M ordered a banner and stress balls with our logos. They will both be attending the health fair tomorrow at the senior center.
The Community Resource Center is having a fundraiser on Saturday night at St. Francis Church. Asking for a $10 donation/ all you can eat pasta
Sara M and Megan are meeting next Friday to talk about hosting a parenting workshop.
Jen C and the school are planning to run the DBT course for next year. Can we write a grant to keep this going and who will we write the grant through? Maybe the education foundation?
The school is bringing in Sources of Strength. SPAN is helping with funding.
The subsidized counseling just passed 600 free counseling sessions. Year to date, we have a 50% increase.
The translator training program offered at the Hispanic Resource Center has a total of nine participants. The center is asking for help with LLC fees. $100 per person, then maybe we could have a credit to use their services?
Peter M. announced Teton Family Youth Services from Jackson is offering a wilderness program run by therapists. There are scholarships available

Megan O spoke to Tracy Singleton of Child Protective Services. If they receive a call that a child will be in imminent danger “tomorrow”, they will respond. If the child has a proficient caregiver in the home, they will not respond. Law enforcement seems to get good response when they call.
Teri R is getting Anytime Fitness credentialed through Medicaid. She will have more info next meeting, but if you have questions give her a call.

Region 7 Behavioral health would like to get someone up from Teton Valley Idaho once a month to attend meetings in Idaho Falls. 3rd Friday of the month, held in the Public Health Building.

CIT Training in April 3rd-7th:
40 hour de-escalating training. Looking for local mental health professionals to present.
Ideas for topics: EMS more training on responding to mental health crises, Needs assessment for SI and substance abuse, Substance abuse training
Clarity where people should go for what. There is no assessment done at the hospital and that’s a huge barrier.

Adam wrote a grant for a scholarship that would cover people to attend, who would not be get paid from their work. SPAN could also help.

Meeting Minutes 1/27/17

January 27th, 2017.
Those present: Adam W, Jenn M, Sara M, Jen C, Sandi B, Jodine, Lou P, Viv R, Megan O, Renee

Oliver G no longer seeing clients in the valley. Jenn M and Sara M are the only providers in the valley that are available to see young children. Megan is hoping to start seeing kids in the summer.
February 25th is the Teton Valley hospital Health Fair. Jenn M and Sara will help with the booth.
Jen C started her DBT group
Jenn M started her Soul Spin group for her thesis. Her community partner is Teri Reiley. Jenn will ask Teri if she is interested with being a part of the coalition.
The Food Rescue program is starting to pick up in the valley. Over 2000 lbs of food has been rescued in the past two months. Spread the word in the community!
Megan and Amy Herzog will be running a parenting workshop in Jackson and are hoping to use the same curriculum so they can run the workshop in Teton Valley, Idaho.
The Hispanic Resource Center is running a 12-week Translator Training program. Anyone who completes the program will be a Court Certified Translator. This is a free program and starts in two weekends, running on Saturday morning from 9-11 at the Hispanic Resource Center.
Great turnout for the CIT training. There were about 40 attendees the first day and about 25 the second day.
Social Services Advocacy Group is underway. Ann Loyola is developing an info packet and teaming with the city of Driggs. The goal is to work on increasing tourism taxes to help support the community social services organizations. Hyrum Johnson will be presenting.
Megan is having a meeting with Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare Child Protective Services, in hopes Teton Valley Idaho can bridge the gap between CPS calls and making follow-up visits in the valley. There seems to be a lack of follow through in that area. It would be great to have a local CPS case worker.
We did not receive the Teton Springs Grant for the CIT training.
Alcohol Prevention: The Teton High school students will be designing the add. Lets “boost” and “share” the add on social media. We will also contact the newspaper to post locally as well.
Screenagers: The school district is interested in running the movie and partnering with the collation. You can watch a trailer at $650 to purchase and $150 to show it at Pierre’s Playhouse. The school will help with the cost. Considering Feb 20, 21, or 22. Viv, Jen C, and Renee can be on the committee. Should we have a TVMHC booth?
Budget Review: Adam shared a trial balance showing current TVMHC finances.

Meeting Minutes, 11/18/16

Member Present: Adam, Jenn M, Jen C, Candace, Sandi, Mrya, Jodene,Sandi,  Viv on Facetime, Kimberly from Region 7 Behavioral Health, Larry from Children’s Mental Health
Jen M: Mindfulness with movement class. 4 week class, free, likely mon/fri evening classes, Start date Jan 25. Call Jen M for more info.

Viv: CIT training currently scheduled for November 28th and 29th. There is currently 15 people registered for the course, not including EMT of fire dept. Viv is wondering if lunch should be provided each day. Span may be able to help with one of the lunches; Viv will talk to Renee who is now the chairman for SPAN.

The coalition has $500 to spend for alcohol prevention. The money cannot be spent on food or prizes. Jen C suggested a social media promo. Mrya spoke to Mary Mello at the high school about a health fair in early spring; may be a good idea to have a booth that includes info about alcohol prevention. Adam will contact school to inquire about putting something in the school newspaper, if we wanted to go that route.

Viv submitted the Teton Springs grant for a 40-hout CIT training.

Brenda from the crisis center phoned in. Reviewed stats of the crisis center; 5 residents of Teton Valley were brought in by the Teton County Sheriff. Transportation is the biggest issue for Teton Valley right now. There are $30 gas vouchers available to anyone who can transport someone who needs to go to the crisis center. People understand that a person must be able to walk and talk, in order to be admitted.

Meeting Minutes 10/28/16

Friday October 28, 2016:

Kimberly Clark, Monte, Sandi, Sara, Mrya, Adam, Jen Carter, Becca, Viv, Dennia, Megan, Jenn M, Jodene

Kimberly from Region 7 Behavioral Health explained that med management and counseling are available. In time, they would like to devote one day per week to Teton Valley for assessments etc, likely a Friday. Anyone interested should call 208-359-4764.

LYFE Walk was a success! This year had the best turn out. There were 175 shirts made and only 22 left. Mrya did go to the school the day prior to the walk to do a little PR with the kids.

Depression Screening: Not one person showed; however, there was an option to do the training online so its possible many people did this instead. Perhaps more marketing next year? The date in the newspaper was wrong. Benefits are also the awareness regarding TVMHC.

CITI Training: Last week of November, first week of December. May be hosted at the fire dpt. Details are being worked out. The coalition voted and all were in favor of offering a $50 stipend for those who are not being paid to attend.  Contact Viv for more info.

TVMHC received a grant from the county. Lets not forget about the senior citizen population for subsidized counseling, as this is written in the grant.

Monte explained there will be change happening with suicide prevention. Changing the focus from regional chapter supports. Also, Monte shared the levy flyer that will be going out in the mail.

Family Safety Network wants to increase support groups, with a focus on educating, uplifting, and empowering survivors of violence.

Cache Clinic is now open. $50 walk-ins, shots, checkups. They can refer to the hospital if needed

Megan O’Brien and Amy Herzog are running a parenting class in Jackson, WY through the counseling center and may do the same class for Teton Valley, Idaho. Sara pointed out that a one day workshop may be better for Teton Valley Idaho to help increase attendance.

There is a need for a social services advocacy program.  The CRC is going to create a social media advocacy program.

Teton Springs grant is due soon. All were in favor of Viv writing the grant to provide a 40-hour regional CITI training.

Screenagers filming being offered in Jackson. Adam would like to show it in Teton Valley, Idaho. $650 for screening. Perhaps an assembly at the school would be best. If it’s purchased for school screenings, we can show 2 times. Adam will follow.

Adam/Megan and others are working on a first responder suicide evaluation form based on the Columbia Risk assessment. Adam would like input regarding what should be on  the form.




Meeting Minutes 8/25/16

8/25/2016 Meeting Minutes
Attending: Adam, Viv, Jenn M, Sara M, Laura, Megan, Chelsea (EFT), Candace, Mike, Wren Rodriguez, Jodene

Announcements: Jenn M will be running a free exercise therapy program. Tentative dates, middle of October to middle of  November. There is room for five more clients. Will be focused on teaching individuals how exercise therapy can improve their mental health. Clients will get hands-on experience at the Spin Cave and take an indoor cycling class.
Dr. James Henry will be leading a childhood trauma conference in Idaho Falls on October 17. 9AM-4PM

Spanish Speaking Women’s group-Sept 16th, contact Megan for more info.

LYFE WALK: Mrya will be in charge of the T-shirts. Would a team building exercise get the kids more involved, instead of a speaker? Adam will get the pizza. Tentatively planned for the 2nd Thursday in October. (10-13) from 11:30AM-12:30 PM. If you would like to be part of the planning process, please contact Adam or Myra.

Interpreter: Should coalition pay for an interpreter? Blanca Moye is in the valley; Megan will ask about her fee. **Update, Blanca charges $25 per hour, ( – 307-690-8149)

Chelsea Peterson, EFT in Jackson for couples. She will be facilitating a workshop at the Driggs community center on September 23rd and 24th, focusing on couples.

Sara M. would like to implement a “Park Prescription” plan. This would include permanent mental health signs in the valley promoting folks to get out in nature to increase their mental well being. Sara will look into costs.

Critical Incident: Should there be an on-call mental health provider available to the fire department, sheriff department, and the EMTS?  There will be a 6 hour crisis intervention training for first responders as a start. In addition, the TVMHC will make sure emts/fire have cards of numbers then can call in  the meantime.

Logo: Sara will email final logo to the coalition

MOU with TCSD: Adam sent the board a copy of the updated MOU, they approved. This MOU replaces past agreements (although still very similiar) and will be sued going forward. The new reimbursement rate is now $65.