Meeting Minutes 5/25/18

TVMHC Meeting
Friday, May 25, 2018
12:00pm – 1:00pm

Present: Adam Williamson, Jen McCrillis, Jen Carter, Myra Kerr, Betsy Hawkins, Jill Naylor-Yarger, Megan O’Brien, Jared Power

– Introduced Betsy Hawkins, the new executive director of the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley
– DBT – Jen Carter has finished the DBT skills program for the schoolyear. They did every quarter this year. Ms. Crumpin is retiring so Jen will check in with them about next year. It was beneficial to quiz at the end of each quarter. Jen was there 6 out of the 9 week quarters generally. It may be beneficial to have the current health teacher share information from the quizzes for future grants; Jen also did evaluations at the end and can use that for grants too. TV Education Foundation may be able to help with funding if it is every needed.
– Jen Carter did professional development for TMS teachers. SPAN paid the cost. She reviewed some DBT skills with the teachers, who found it helpful.
– Sources of Strength – Myra reported that Abby Williams, the new old VOICE teacher, is funded by SPAN to go to Sources of Strength training in Texas in July. Idaho Lives is also going to the training and will help reduce costs. Sources of Strength will have to be paid for Abby to give the trainings. It will be beneficial to have a trainer on site. SPAN also purchased Sources of Strength t-shirts and supplies. SPAN will do a booth at Tin Cup.
– SPAN updates
o Jill – Received a notice from SPAN Idaho about operational updates. Need to provide a quarterly fee to them of 3% of the budget. Having discussions about how the fee will be raised, with recognition that the local SPAN does not receive extensive assistance from SPAN Idaho. TVMHC and SPAN could compare donor lists to predict if there would be an effect in fundraising potential. The main local SPAN members are Jill, Myra, Renee, Jared, and Monte.
o SPAN is interested in having a gatekeeper professional sent to the 0 Suicide training to become a trainer.
o The SPAN conference is August 2nd and 3rd in Boise. There is interest in helping fund TVMHC members to go to the conference.
– Teton High School Counseling – Jen McCrillis – Sara was there Mondays and Jen was there on Thursdays. They have been working on collaborating with various needs. Sara and Jen also did a girls group, which went really well. There is good rapport with the school counselors and high school administration. It may be beneficial to connect with Basin High School more effectively.
– Mental Health Awareness Month – Teton Valley News was very helpful with ads.
– Rack cards were sent to law enforcement and EMS. They include a short suicide assessment and a list of resources.
– Annual meeting will be on the 4th Friday, June 22nd from 11am to 1pm. Location TBD. Will need to do officer elections at the annual meeting – Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary. Will also need to vote to keep the board, review the year, update goals. Lunch will be provided.
– Humanitarian Award – Send nominations to Adam and/or Jen McCrillis ASAP.
– Incite Consulting – Kari Anderson will be doing an inventory of TVMHC. This was covered by a grant from CFTV. She will meet with people in person and will send out a survey. Will review the board, as TVMHC will need more board members and likely a paid executive director.
– Art funds are still available. Counselors could apply to have therapeutic art projects funded. Jen and Sara may be able to add more art programming if they are at the high school in the future.
– Jared provided information on how biodynamic cranial therapy can help with concussions. Jared is also moving offices to a spot near Forage.

Next meeting: June 22, 2018 – 11am to 1pm. Location TBD.