Meeting Minutes 2/23/18

Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition Meeting Minutes
February 23, 2018, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Teton Valley Realty Building

Present: Cheryl Jimeson, CMH; Jen McCrillis, VISTA; Sandi Bills; Kyle Roberts, Acqua Recovery; Adam Williamson; Ann Loyola, TVHC; Renee Liedorf, JPO; Myra Kerr, SPAN; Sarah Dunn; Monte Woolstenhulme, Teton School District; Kimberly Ovard, Adult Mental Health; Jen Carter; Megan O’Brien, CRCTV; Amy Herzog


Acqua Recovery is a Midway, UT, inpatient treatment facility for adults (19 years or older) with substance abuse issues, or with a dual diagnosis if substance abuse is the primary diagnosis for adults. They use evidence-based, individualized practices (not 12-step). The program has good success rates and is flexible with payment, even offering some scholarships. Acqua Recovery can help to facilitate detox and transfers from the valley to their facility. Counselors can call Kyle Roberts to review appropriateness of the placement, and he will help connect the client to another facility if Acqua Recovery is not an appropriate placement (i.e. because of insurance issues or for adolescents) Kyle can come to Teton Valley to meet with clients who may be interested in the program. The program is nationally recognized for its recreation therapy program and its pro-recovery diet. The facilities are excellent and the clinical and medical team is “top notch.” Kyle can be contacted at

Jen Carter may be presenting DBT at an in-service professional development day at the middle school for teachers on April 20, 2018.

Myra Kerr talked to the middle school principal about bringing Sources of Strength to the middle school. Myra reports the principal is very open to options and would like to promote positive messaging. Abby Williams has applied to be trained in Sources of Strength for this summer.

Teton Behavior Therapy is opening March 1st to provide counseling for all ages, as well as academic support, academic tutors, executive functioning classes, and 4-8 week sessions for kids with ADHD or who need help with focusing. TBT will be in Victor, across from Victor Valley Market on Main St. There will be a sliding scale fee, and they will accept insurance and are working on Medicaid. They will be starting with 3 counselors and an academic support person.

Teton High School signed and MOU with TVMHC to provide counseling support. Jen McCrillis and Sara McKeown White have been there 2 days per week for a total of 7 days and have provided a total of 44 sessions. Deb and Jacob, the school counselors, have a list of who needs help, plus there are kids that walk in as needed. Out of 44 sessions, Medicaid covered 16 sessions. 28 of the sessions were not covered by insurance. Out of the 44 sessions, 3 of them had outside counselors; 25 of them are unique clients without an outside counselor. TVMHC had expected it to be a lot of check ins, but it has been more mental health counseling and risk assessments. There is a waiting list of 17 kids that want to be seen at the school. A lot of the kids are hesitant to see outside counselors, in part because they are nervous to talk to their parents about their concerns. Sara and Jen have had challenges getting permission to talk to parents. Some details will need to be worked out (i.e. a private place, a phone to call students out of class, etc) but they have a computer and intake forms set up. There seems to be a need for expanding the program, which may be a future fundraising effort.

Renee has provided the Teton Valley Community School with info on substance abuse awareness, and they are aware that the TVMHC can provide a presentation when needed.

Myra reviewed the possibility of a spring Life Walk with the middle school principal, but they will be very busy at the school. TVMHC may need to reassess how Life Walk works and if it is worth the effort when other programs may need funding (such as the THS counseling program).

Jen Carter presented the Sandy Hook Promise program, which is a free program where trainers come to the area to teach about knowing the signs of potential violence or kids in need. TVMHC could help the schools do a week long event about connection, marginalization, recognizing kids who need support, etc. It may be a beneficial program if it can provide CEUs to teachers, although the teachers’ scheduled are booked about 2 years in advance.

YES program is available to allow children who have a mental health diagnosis to be eligible for Medicaid if their household income is up to 300% FPL. Call Liberty Healthcare for access to the program, and for group respite. Group respite is similar to an after school program to give caretakers a break. Liberty Healthcare does the assessments in the home. Children Mental Health then does the CANS assessment and person-centered planning.


Sasha Dingle and Ryan Burke are doing a 2-day Peak Performance and Self-Compassion workshop for teens on February 25th and March 11th. The group decided not to provide scholarships for teenagers since it was short notice and adolescents that would be able to attend were not identified. TV Mental Health Coalition may be able to host the training later in Teton Valley.


Sara McKeown White met with the Community Foundation of Teton Valley to get a grant to hire a facilitator to discuss the future of mental health needs in the community.