Meeting Minutes 12/15/17

Present: Jill, Jen, Sandi, Jen M, Jared, Megan, Ann, Myra. Minutes by Adam

Announcements: Ann Loyola is interested in collaborating with other non-profits to address needs such as substance abuse, access to MH counseling and school counseling.
CRC is moving to the old Ford building and co-locating with Hispanic Resource Center.

Megan is starting her private practice

Jill noted an exercise and health discussion/series in Jackson to help with addiction.

Jen is doing a “Soul Spin” class and is looking for participants. The coalition voted to approve the class which will start in Jan.

Jen C is still at the middle school doing DBT and at Basin.

Ideas for Art Grant include:
Wrap for a TRTPA bus
Paint horse contest
Scholarships for the art center/local galleria
Collage/art piece workshop (Anpeytu)
Supplies for the developmentally delayed group home (Darin K)
Comedy/singer talent night (Adam)
Supplies/contest for “Masks” and display (Jen M).

Members will continue to develop ideas for the art money to use in 2018.