Meeting Minutes 11/17/2017

Present: Dale, Rick, Brandi, Cheryl, Jen M, Candice, Jodine, Clyde, Renee, Jill, Dale, Jared. Minutes by Adam

Announcements/Introductions: BHC telementalhealth is now live!
Year end than you cards are sent
Need to expand the board

Voice students suicide prevention training:
Adam and Megan completed a safeTalk for the voice students at THS. It was a great experience and the students asked for the staff to be trained.

Art donation Discussion:
The TVMHC was awarded a large donation for art related/mental health project. Discussed the planning process to likely include adolescents, Teton Arts Center, Schools, Senior Center and Art Center.

Please review the rack cards before Adam prints and sends to first responders.

Movie Screening in Jan?
Please youtube and we will discuss next time including Resiliency, paper Tigers and screenagers.