Meeting Minutes 10/27/17

Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition Monthly Meeting with SPAN TV
Minutes, October 27, 2017|by Jill and Adam.
Members present: Cheryl, Jen C, Kimberly, Jill, Sandi, Laura, Adam, Jodene

General Announcements

  • Adam presented an exercise therapy program (Soul Spin) that was requested ffor funding by Jen M. The program will be 4 weeks, 8 classes from January 3 – 26 and will include:  40 minutes of exercise (spin bicycling) followed by 30 minutes of group discussion and processing. TVMHC board members have already approved pending a coalition vote. Adam made motion to approve, all voted in favor of funding Jens class.
  • Jen C reported on DBT at the 7th grade and also going back to Basin next semester.
  • Depression Screening update: Ideas were generated to possibly establish a regular date for depression screening.  Ideas included incorporating the Cache clinic (a cash only clinic in Driggs… $50 per visit).  Depression screenings would still be offered free of charge.  Discuss possibly posting link to on line depression screening on Mental Health Coalition webpage.
  • Donation to Mental Health Coalition. A generous donation linked to “Art” has been received.  Sarah White was instrumental in securing the donation.  A planning committee will be formed to discuss how best to utilize the donation.  Ideas generated during the meeting included:  Art Therapy for seniors and youth; Portrait drawing (pre and post treatment, counseling, program participation, etc.) that could reflect progress /healing; Art Therapy art show, developing strong partnership with Teton Arts for class development. Discussed possibly a needs assessment before planning.
  • New Psychologist Nurse Practioner. Anna Palmer has joined the staff at the hospital / clinic and will be providing services every Friday starting in November.
  • Equine Therapy. Moving forward.  Received small grant and is applying for others.  Currently working with families and women who are victims of domestic violence.
  • Report on Changes to Children’s Mental Health Service: Upcoming changes to additional services that will be covered under Medicaid were discussed. Changes are approaching as of January 1, 2018; however, there is still great discussion of how these services may or may not be rolled out based on the uncertainty of the level of Medicaid funding
  • Laura reported there is still room for her women’s group at FSN.
  • Suicide Prevention Training: The Voice program at the high school has requested safe talk training.  Adam Williamson will deliver the training in two 1.5-hour sessions, Friday November 9 and Friday November 17.  The total cost of the training is $553 which includes a training fee and books for participants.  SPAN TV will cover this cost as approved by the SPAN TV board.
  • Suicide Prevention Walk: The Voice program at the high school has requested that the Suicide Prevention Walk be moved from fall to spring.  The fall schedule for students is very crowded with home coming, beginning classes, and the start of many sporting activities.  A spring walk will allow students to prepared well in advance for the walk and also allow them an opportunity to assume greater ownership of the Suicide Prevention walk.  Additionally, the Voice program has requested lead up training, such as the Safe Talk training being offered in November, to assist them in greater understanding of their roles in Suicide Prevention.

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Due to holidays the MHC/SPAN TV will meet on the third Friday of the month

Friday, November 17   noon – 1:00

Friday, December 15 .. noon – 1:00