Meeting Minutes 8/25/17

August 25, 2017 Meeting Minutes 12:00pm – 1:05pm
Minutes by Megan and Jill

Present: Adam Williamson; Brandi Daw, BHC; Myra Kerr, SPAN; Jill Nayler Yarger, SPAN; Jen McCrillis; Cheryl Jennison, Children’s Mental Health; Bruce Mason, retired counselor and chair of Seniors West of the Tetons; Renee Leidorf, Juvenile Probation and SPAN; Sandi Bills; Virinia Wood, TRPTA; Jen Carter


Mental health symposium in Idaho Falls on Sept 15th will offer 6 free CEUS; there will be another symposium in Pocatello on the 14th. The memorial walk and 5k fundraiser will be on the 15th in Idaho Falls.

Megan will teach a Principles of Parenting class through EITC but needs at least 6 participants or it will be cancelled. TRPTA may be able to help with transport.

Systems of Care will be from 1:30pm – 3:00pm in place of TCMHC meeting in September due to SWOT’s new Friday lunch.

Teton High School has hired a new counselor. Megan will invite the school counselors to TVMHC meetings.

TVMHC did well at Tin Cup with about $6,000 raised.

Equine therapy is available with Jen Carter. Pricing is flexible.

SPAN and TVMHC will continue to work towards merging. The local SPAN board has been supportive, although there are some questions about how to do accounting. Will likely start with keeping the money separate. SPAN TV and TVMHC will continue to meet together the last Friday of the month and plan various strategies for addressing Suicide Prevention and Mental Health issues throughout Teton Valley. However, Tin Cup funds will be held separately and SPAN TV will continue to employ an accountant to generate expense reports and follow through with the Suicide Prevention activities planned for the upcoming year.  Myra Kerr, Renee Leidorf and Jill Naylor Yarger will attend each joint meeting and give reports on activities and upcoming events. The members of the Mental Health Coalition will continue to provide support services and join in the activities whenever possible. The merger, in many ways, would be a formalization of the ongoing involvement of both organization in their common goals and services. SPANTV and TVMHC have always collaborated and both organizations have been involved with each other’s meetings and services.  At this time, the only major change is the common joint meeting time.

Suicide Prevention Walk will likely occur in October. TVMHC will organize a social media campaign through Facebook ads, and will use the Rock your Role and/or the Be the 1 To campaigns. Myra will call the school to set a date and pitch info to VOICES to see if they can take some more responsibility for aspects of the event. Kids will design tshirts. Adam will find a guest speaker. Will shoot for October 12, 2017. May change where the students walk from due to time constraints.  Although September is Suicide Prevention Month, the LYFE (Love Yourself ForEver) walk is always held the second Thursday of October. The walk is promoted and lead through collaboration of SPAN TV and the VOICES program at the high school.  Last year’s walk involved over 150 high school students and school administrators and community members.  The march starts at the Gazebo on Main Street in Driggs where T-shirt’s with the Prevent Suicide/SPAN TV motto is displayed are distributed to all participants. After a short address by a guest speaker the students, carrying posters supporting the Suicide Prevention theme of the march, begin their march down Main Street.  The march continues to the stop light where participants cross the intersection and march down the other side of Main Street and return to the Gazebo for pizza.

Suicide Awareness Month is September. TVMHC could provide mental health info at liquor stores and to bartenders. Renee will find out if bartenders are required to have some training; TVMHC could piggyback on ISP training.

Sara and Jen will make up fundraising committee. TVMHC will review interest/availability in having a spring fundraiser.

SPAN may have money for a grief, loss, trauma support.

Jen Carter will solidify potential funders and budget for middle school DBT group.