Annual Meeting 6/23/17

Those present: Adam W, Jenn M, Sara M, Sandi B, Mrya, Jared Powers, Laura McKee, Megan O, Jill, Candace D, Jodine, Jenn C


The CRC is now open full time! Tuesday through Friday 9-4. The CRC just opened their 90th case management file!
The bilingual interpreters all passed the WY written test. They still need to pass a phone interview
Jennifer McCrillis is now licensed and seeing clients.
The TVMHC website is getting about 250-300 visits per month.
Mental Wellness is moving into the old Ford building as soon as it’s ready.
Jared Powers, who is a Certified Structural Integration Practitioner, is now in the valley and offering his services.

2016 Year in Review
We created a logo, banner, and stress balls!
Screenagers was a huge success.
Ted Talk, DBT Group, LYFE Walk, CIT Training, Depression Screening, and the coalition served about 30 individuals for subsidized counseling. Another amazing

Elections for 2017

Adam W Chair; Jennifer McCrillis co-chair motioned by Sara M, seconded by Laura M; Megan O’Brien secretary motioned by Jenn C, seconded by Sara M

New Board Members: Adam suggested Teri Reiley- he will be in contact.  Also Charlie Shinkle although he is still living in Jackson so not likely at this point.

Adam discussed SPAN’s wishes to merge with the TVMHC into one non-profit. We will need to figure out the best way to join non-profits, and do we want to keep SPAN or go a different route for suicide prevention?  Merging will be best after Tin Cup.  Efforts already seemed combined, so we decided to make it official. All member voted for merging SPAN and TVMHC. Renee will be in contact about the next steps as they still need to make some changes at the state level.

We reviewed budget and we are doing really well. Still have grant money through the county and tin-cup this year.
Received a $1500 donation from Gotham Girls Roller Derby in memory of Jennifer Nally. We have decided to split that donation with the Family Safety Network.
We need membership dues! Also, please send copies of insurance and professional license to Adam. The school requests that we also sign new forms every year.

2017 Goals 

Resiliency Screening and Screenagers? Adam received an email from Screenagers offering a discount if we show it again. We can look into using the school auditorium. Sara suggested doing an annual TCMHC fundraiser.  Need to discuss the best time of year to do this. Fundraising committee: Sara M, Candace, Sandi, Jill.
Jenn C and the school would like to keep the DBT group going in the middle school.  Need to find out if the grant can be written through the Education Foundation.
Jenn M would like to run a therapy exercise program through the Spin Cave.
Megan will be running a parenting program in September.
We need to create of grief baskets so they are available to the community.

Upcoming 4th of July parade: Sara, Jenn M and Adam. Jenn will complete the application. Sandi will purchase the candy. We always run out so let’s get some more this year!

Meeting Adjured at 11:25AM