Meeting Minutes 4/28/17

Those present: Jen C, Jenn M (minutes), Sara M, Rene L, Kimberly from Region 7 Adult Mental Health, Adam W, Mrya K

Tin Cup: The TVMHC was approved for the Tin Cup. We may need to put in some volunteer hours. We could share a booth with SPAN. Set up is at 7:30, starts at 9. July 15th. Adam will email the Community Foundation to see if we can still have our own booth. Update: All the booth spots are taken, SPAN has agreed to let us share.
Trauma informed care training: May 18,19 in Jackson.
Humanitrian Center (Idaho Falls) are coming up to share some of their resources/ideas
on 5/3/16. Jen M will send Mrya contact information for One Voice for Autism, and Jackson Hole Behavioral Services.
Sara M. is the new WRAP Coordinator for juvenile probation.

Annual Meeting: Annual meeting to be held on June 23rd from 10-11:30 am at the Teton County Courthouse, before the Systems of Care meeting. We will review memberships, set goals, review the budgt and vote.

Eclipse/Crisis Response: Should we think about organizing a crisis response team? Myra will bring up in the next meeting. Not sure if the mental health aspect has been addressed by the county. The valley is expecting 50,000 people. Renee to talk to Greg Adams.

13 reasons: Discusison regarding 13 reasons movie on Netflix. Decision to not hold speical event; instead, Jen C will post on facebook, guidelines for parents and how to respond to the Netflix series. We will talk to the school to see if they need some support.  Update: Adam talked to Monte who will make sure the school counselor have the guidelines.

Annual Award Committee: Rick, Faren, and Adam. Adam will send out an email with information regarding the Annual Award, so keep an eye out! Update-Adam sent out the announcment and many nominations have already came!

Reviewed budget. No changes in this area.

Adjurned at 1:05 PM.