Meeting Minutes 2/24/17

Those present: Rene L, Jennifer M, Jenn C, Adam W, Teri Reiley, Megan O, Laura M, Becca, Blake Fullmer, Peter Moffatt, Tim Dawsom, Sandi B, Candice, Myra K, Jodine

Welcome Teri Reiley! She owns Anytime Fitness and the Spin Cave and would like to be more involved in the community.
Screenagers: Full attendance! We should think about offering more movies/documentaries to the community. We always seem to have a good turnout.
Jenn M and Sara M ordered a banner and stress balls with our logos. They will both be attending the health fair tomorrow at the senior center.
The Community Resource Center is having a fundraiser on Saturday night at St. Francis Church. Asking for a $10 donation/ all you can eat pasta
Sara M and Megan are meeting next Friday to talk about hosting a parenting workshop.
Jen C and the school are planning to run the DBT course for next year. Can we write a grant to keep this going and who will we write the grant through? Maybe the education foundation?
The school is bringing in Sources of Strength. SPAN is helping with funding.
The subsidized counseling just passed 600 free counseling sessions. Year to date, we have a 50% increase.
The translator training program offered at the Hispanic Resource Center has a total of nine participants. The center is asking for help with LLC fees. $100 per person, then maybe we could have a credit to use their services?
Peter M. announced Teton Family Youth Services from Jackson is offering a wilderness program run by therapists. There are scholarships available

Megan O spoke to Tracy Singleton of Child Protective Services. If they receive a call that a child will be in imminent danger “tomorrow”, they will respond. If the child has a proficient caregiver in the home, they will not respond. Law enforcement seems to get good response when they call.
Teri R is getting Anytime Fitness credentialed through Medicaid. She will have more info next meeting, but if you have questions give her a call.

Region 7 Behavioral health would like to get someone up from Teton Valley Idaho once a month to attend meetings in Idaho Falls. 3rd Friday of the month, held in the Public Health Building.

CIT Training in April 3rd-7th:
40 hour de-escalating training. Looking for local mental health professionals to present.
Ideas for topics: EMS more training on responding to mental health crises, Needs assessment for SI and substance abuse, Substance abuse training
Clarity where people should go for what. There is no assessment done at the hospital and that’s a huge barrier.

Adam wrote a grant for a scholarship that would cover people to attend, who would not be get paid from their work. SPAN could also help.