Meeting Minutes 1/27/17

January 27th, 2017.
Those present: Adam W, Jenn M, Sara M, Jen C, Sandi B, Jodine, Lou P, Viv R, Megan O, Renee

Oliver G no longer seeing clients in the valley. Jenn M and Sara M are the only providers in the valley that are available to see young children. Megan is hoping to start seeing kids in the summer.
February 25th is the Teton Valley hospital Health Fair. Jenn M and Sara will help with the booth.
Jen C started her DBT group
Jenn M started her Soul Spin group for her thesis. Her community partner is Teri Reiley. Jenn will ask Teri if she is interested with being a part of the coalition.
The Food Rescue program is starting to pick up in the valley. Over 2000 lbs of food has been rescued in the past two months. Spread the word in the community!
Megan and Amy Herzog will be running a parenting workshop in Jackson and are hoping to use the same curriculum so they can run the workshop in Teton Valley, Idaho.
The Hispanic Resource Center is running a 12-week Translator Training program. Anyone who completes the program will be a Court Certified Translator. This is a free program and starts in two weekends, running on Saturday morning from 9-11 at the Hispanic Resource Center.
Great turnout for the CIT training. There were about 40 attendees the first day and about 25 the second day.
Social Services Advocacy Group is underway. Ann Loyola is developing an info packet and teaming with the city of Driggs. The goal is to work on increasing tourism taxes to help support the community social services organizations. Hyrum Johnson will be presenting.
Megan is having a meeting with Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare Child Protective Services, in hopes Teton Valley Idaho can bridge the gap between CPS calls and making follow-up visits in the valley. There seems to be a lack of follow through in that area. It would be great to have a local CPS case worker.
We did not receive the Teton Springs Grant for the CIT training.
Alcohol Prevention: The Teton High school students will be designing the add. Lets “boost” and “share” the add on social media. We will also contact the newspaper to post locally as well.
Screenagers: The school district is interested in running the movie and partnering with the collation. You can watch a trailer at $650 to purchase and $150 to show it at Pierre’s Playhouse. The school will help with the cost. Considering Feb 20, 21, or 22. Viv, Jen C, and Renee can be on the committee. Should we have a TVMHC booth?
Budget Review: Adam shared a trial balance showing current TVMHC finances.