Meeting Minutes, 11/18/16

Member Present: Adam, Jenn M, Jen C, Candace, Sandi, Mrya, Jodene,Sandi,  Viv on Facetime, Kimberly from Region 7 Behavioral Health, Larry from Children’s Mental Health
Jen M: Mindfulness with movement class. 4 week class, free, likely mon/fri evening classes, Start date Jan 25. Call Jen M for more info.

Viv: CIT training currently scheduled for November 28th and 29th. There is currently 15 people registered for the course, not including EMT of fire dept. Viv is wondering if lunch should be provided each day. Span may be able to help with one of the lunches; Viv will talk to Renee who is now the chairman for SPAN.

The coalition has $500 to spend for alcohol prevention. The money cannot be spent on food or prizes. Jen C suggested a social media promo. Mrya spoke to Mary Mello at the high school about a health fair in early spring; may be a good idea to have a booth that includes info about alcohol prevention. Adam will contact school to inquire about putting something in the school newspaper, if we wanted to go that route.

Viv submitted the Teton Springs grant for a 40-hout CIT training.

Brenda from the crisis center phoned in. Reviewed stats of the crisis center; 5 residents of Teton Valley were brought in by the Teton County Sheriff. Transportation is the biggest issue for Teton Valley right now. There are $30 gas vouchers available to anyone who can transport someone who needs to go to the crisis center. People understand that a person must be able to walk and talk, in order to be admitted.