Meeting Minutes 10/28/16

Friday October 28, 2016:

Kimberly Clark, Monte, Sandi, Sara, Mrya, Adam, Jen Carter, Becca, Viv, Dennia, Megan, Jenn M, Jodene

Kimberly from Region 7 Behavioral Health explained that med management and counseling are available. In time, they would like to devote one day per week to Teton Valley for assessments etc, likely a Friday. Anyone interested should call 208-359-4764.

LYFE Walk was a success! This year had the best turn out. There were 175 shirts made and only 22 left. Mrya did go to the school the day prior to the walk to do a little PR with the kids.

Depression Screening: Not one person showed; however, there was an option to do the training online so its possible many people did this instead. Perhaps more marketing next year? The date in the newspaper was wrong. Benefits are also the awareness regarding TVMHC.

CITI Training: Last week of November, first week of December. May be hosted at the fire dpt. Details are being worked out. The coalition voted and all were in favor of offering a $50 stipend for those who are not being paid to attend.  Contact Viv for more info.

TVMHC received a grant from the county. Lets not forget about the senior citizen population for subsidized counseling, as this is written in the grant.

Monte explained there will be change happening with suicide prevention. Changing the focus from regional chapter supports. Also, Monte shared the levy flyer that will be going out in the mail.

Family Safety Network wants to increase support groups, with a focus on educating, uplifting, and empowering survivors of violence.

Cache Clinic is now open. $50 walk-ins, shots, checkups. They can refer to the hospital if needed

Megan O’Brien and Amy Herzog are running a parenting class in Jackson, WY through the counseling center and may do the same class for Teton Valley, Idaho. Sara pointed out that a one day workshop may be better for Teton Valley Idaho to help increase attendance.

There is a need for a social services advocacy program.  The CRC is going to create a social media advocacy program.

Teton Springs grant is due soon. All were in favor of Viv writing the grant to provide a 40-hour regional CITI training.

Screenagers filming being offered in Jackson. Adam would like to show it in Teton Valley, Idaho. $650 for screening. Perhaps an assembly at the school would be best. If it’s purchased for school screenings, we can show 2 times. Adam will follow.

Adam/Megan and others are working on a first responder suicide evaluation form based on the Columbia Risk assessment. Adam would like input regarding what should be on  the form.