Meeting Minutes 8/25/16

8/25/2016 Meeting Minutes
Attending: Adam, Viv, Jenn M, Sara M, Laura, Megan, Chelsea (EFT), Candace, Mike, Wren Rodriguez, Jodene

Announcements: Jenn M will be running a free exercise therapy program. Tentative dates, middle of October to middle of  November. There is room for five more clients. Will be focused on teaching individuals how exercise therapy can improve their mental health. Clients will get hands-on experience at the Spin Cave and take an indoor cycling class.
Dr. James Henry will be leading a childhood trauma conference in Idaho Falls on October 17. 9AM-4PM

Spanish Speaking Women’s group-Sept 16th, contact Megan for more info.

LYFE WALK: Mrya will be in charge of the T-shirts. Would a team building exercise get the kids more involved, instead of a speaker? Adam will get the pizza. Tentatively planned for the 2nd Thursday in October. (10-13) from 11:30AM-12:30 PM. If you would like to be part of the planning process, please contact Adam or Myra.

Interpreter: Should coalition pay for an interpreter? Blanca Moye is in the valley; Megan will ask about her fee. **Update, Blanca charges $25 per hour, ( – 307-690-8149)

Chelsea Peterson, EFT in Jackson for couples. She will be facilitating a workshop at the Driggs community center on September 23rd and 24th, focusing on couples.

Sara M. would like to implement a “Park Prescription” plan. This would include permanent mental health signs in the valley promoting folks to get out in nature to increase their mental well being. Sara will look into costs.

Critical Incident: Should there be an on-call mental health provider available to the fire department, sheriff department, and the EMTS?  There will be a 6 hour crisis intervention training for first responders as a start. In addition, the TVMHC will make sure emts/fire have cards of numbers then can call in  the meantime.

Logo: Sara will email final logo to the coalition

MOU with TCSD: Adam sent the board a copy of the updated MOU, they approved. This MOU replaces past agreements (although still very similiar) and will be sued going forward. The new reimbursement rate is now $65.