Meeting minutes 7/22/16

Attending: Larry B, Laura M, Sandi B, Sara M, Jill N, Myra K, Oliver G (phone), minutes by Adam W.

Tin Cup donation update
Parade/Booth updates
SPAN suicide hotline updates

SOC/CRC updates:
Next SOC meeting is Sept 23rd from 11:30-1.
Megan is going to get trained to be a bridges trainer and will provide trainings in our area.

Grief/loss packets:
Adam discussed having a packet of information that can be handed out if/when needed. All were in agreement and Sandi and Sara agreed to take the lead.

Substance abuse concerns:
Who, when, where concerns were raised by all. Larry will followup with Mental Wellness.

LYFE walk:
Scheduled for 2nd week in October.