Annual Meeting Minutes 6/10/16

June 10, 2016
Attending: Adam W, Viv R, Sara M, Megan O, Sandi B, Jen C, Renee, Willy, Myra, Jennifer M, Faren E,

Jen C received positive feedback regarding the DBT group. Would like to continue the program. Look into the Education Foundation grants as well as Teton Spring grants.

Sara M would like to continue the Yoga therapy group. 4-6 attendees with positive feedback. Free childcare was provided. Perhaps offering to Hispanic community with a translator for next time.

FSN support group has seen a steady 4 attendees, and up to six. Friday evenings from 6-8:30. Free childcare at the Hispanic Resource Center.

Systems of Care meeting will be held on June 24th from 11:30-1 at the courthouse. Task Forces will be assigned.

Just serve website currently has 22 volunteer opportunities. Guidelines include: projects cannot be political or raise money.

2015 year in review: Targhee Wellness, Yoga group, DBT group, July 4th float, Life Walk, Depression screening, Bridges co-sponsorship, crisis counseling, eating disorder evening, subsidized counseling.

Elections: Motioned to have Jen M remain secretary and Viv and Adam as co-chair, all were in favor.

Membership dues: How can these be reinforced? Jenn M suggested tracking hours instead of number of meetings. Sara made a motion to change membership guidelines. Jenn M will keep track of dues and meeting attendance.

Sara will finalize logo

2016 Goals: 4th of July Float, Alcohol Prevention night, Wellness Booth, Parenting classes (Renee and Megan?), CIT training, Trauma informed training for hospital and law enforcement staff., stipend for mental health workers to support self-care, weekend conference for Teton Valley Hispanic population, expand board, Color run, continue DBT and yoga therapy group, LT Smooth, finish LOGO!